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How are modular homes different

How are modular homes different

If you were to shop traditionally for a home, you would log online, check out the current listings in the area, and if you happen to like one of the houses, you’ll try to schedule a tour (or find out about the next open house). When you arrive, you’ll probably find the house doesn’t completely live up to the photographs, or the listing agents happened to leave out the bad aspects of the house. You’ll leave, liking some parts while pondering how much it will cost the sloping foundation while upgrading the HVAC system. Maybe you even consider buying the house because you’ve been looking for months, and nothing has come close to checking off your needs as a buyer. If you’re at that point in the house buying process, you need to stop right there. 

A new home is a major investment. It’s probably the biggest one-time investment you’ll ever make. So don’t settle for something that’s out there just because you’re tired of looking. Instead, you need to consider a modular home. But how are modular homes different? What are the benefits of a modular home? 

Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of a modular home and how these constructions differ from your traditional for sale house.

No Pre-Owned Defects

If you’re buying a home someone else has already lived in, there will likely be defects. Hopefully, these defects are minor, but depending on the age of the house and how well it was taken care of, there is a good chance there will be some sizable investments you need to make. Even if there are no significant flaws, you may need to change some house designs to fit your needs. This can include ripping out the carpet to install hardwood, painting, and performing other necessary updates. These updates can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, if not more. Do you really want to drop thousands of dollars on a home you just spend tens of thousands of dollars on? Probably not. But what other alternative is there?

With a modular home, you can select everything you want. You can choose what kind of flooring comes in the kitchen, and what color paint comes in the kid’s bedroom. You can opt for a particular design sink and the color front door you like. With a modular home, you no longer are forced to accept the flaws of a home and then pay a significant amount of money to change it. With a modular home, you’ll always end up with the house you want, not an available house.

Design Your Home How You Like It

For most people, shopping for a new home means looking at what’s currently available. The chances of finding the ideal perfect dream home are, sadly, slim. That’s because you’re forced to go with what’s on the market, and not what you like. Well, with modular home design, you can go with what’s in your head. While there are some limitations, you can have near-total control over what the house will look like and its features. This way, you’ll never pay for a feature you know you’ll never use, nor will you end up with designs that you want to switch as soon as you move in. The only way you’ll achieve your dream home is if you’re part of the design process before it is built. That’s precisely what you’re able to do when you shop with a modular home. This is one of the exciting benefits of a modular home.

Better Build Quality

One of the most common questions any modular home manufacturer receives is whether or not the build quality is on par with a traditional house. In reality, traditional home builds strive to reach the build quality of a modular home.

People see a modular home built off-site and finished on the land plot and assume there must be construction issues at the seams and connection points. That, however, is not an issue at all. All homes are assembled on-site, and traditional homes are simply constructed one piece at a time. This means every single piece is exposed to the local elements. When a house is built, and it rains, construction generally stops until the rain stops. This means the wood, insulation, and other materials are exposed to rain. With a modular home, this is not an issue at all. 

The entire home is built inside a factory, which takes the natural elements out. There is no rain to plant the seeds of mold, nor is there any sun to dry out wood and weaken the building materials. Additionally, modular homes must survive transit from the factory to the final destination. To ensure this is possible, the home uses additional support systems, making the house more structurally sound.

When it comes to building quality, modular homes are almost always a stronger, more durable build than a traditional house.

Discover The Modular Home Difference

You’re going to be spending a considerable amount of money on a home, so why should you ever settle for something you didn’t entirely like? Would you settle on a new car just because the dealership was out of what you wanted? Probably not. Why would you do that with something you’ll spend years, if not decades, of your life inside? Instead, you need to consider a modular home. 

Modular homes give you all kinds of benefits and will dramatically improve your overall enjoyment of your new home. With a modular home, you can customize most aspects, making it possible to build a home. This way, it’s move-in ready, and you’ll never be forced to spend extra money on renovations and upgrades. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to contact our staff here at Home Crafters of Western Carolina. Here we’ll help you realize your dream home, all without all the legwork and settling that comes with traditional home buying.