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Build Green

build green modular homesAs a green modular home manufacturer in NC, we do what we can to preserve the beautiful environment that surrounds us. Did you know that your home as a built environment has a big impact on the overall state of the natural environment and economy? Not only that, but it’s important to keep in mind that the buildings in which we live, work and play in affect our state of health just as much as they protect us from the harsh extremes of nature. By adopting strategies such as building green, you are able to maximize both the economic and environmental performance of your NC modular home.

What is Building Green?

This term refers to the “green,” or sustainable building practice that utilizes resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation and maintenance as well as demolition.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I consider building green?” By choosing a green modular home manufacturer in NC, you reduce the overall impact of the built environment on the natural environment as well as human health by:

  • Efficiently using water, energy and other resources.
  • Protecting occupant health.
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

To provide our customers with the best service and most significant benefits, our team takes a comprehensive approach from the beginning stages of your future home’s design.

Building Green: Benefits


  • Improves air and water quality.
  • Conservation and restoration of natural resources.
  • Reduces waste streams.
  • Enhances and protects biodiversity and ecosystems.


  • Improves occupant productivity.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Improves conservation and restoration of natural resources.
  • Contributes to the expansion of markets for green products and services.


  • Minimizes strain on local infrastructure.
  • Heightens aesthetic qualities.
  • Enhances occupant comfort and health.
  • Improves overall quality of life.

For our experience team of modular home manufacturers in NC contact Home Crafters of Western Carolina. It’s not enough to want to be the top builder in America. We also want to achieve a status as one of the most environmentally responsible modular home builders in America. For more information about building green solutions, or if you have any other questions pertaining to modular homes NC, give us a call today at (828) 774-9034!