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A building system is a method of producing buildings or components of  building in an efficient and cost effective ways. The use of building systems is common in many different types of residential, commercial, and multifamily construction. When it comes to modular homes in NC, think of their construction in large segments (called “modules”) off-site in a climate-controlled factory by highly experienced craftsmen using cutting edge machinery and methods. After these modules are constructed together with final finishing touches, those modules become a home for you and your family.

Today’s modular homes in NC are designed to combine quality, flexibility and efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the building process:

It begins with a design phase using cutting edge computer engineering software to create your new floor plan.

  • After you have review and approved the new floor plans, additional plans are supplied for a building permit application.
  • Once the modules have been completed in construction off-site at the factory, they are prepared for delivery and setup on your land.
  • Delivery trucks supply your modules to the site.
  • Then crane technology and a construction crew work to place your modules onto the permanent foundation.
  • An experienced construction team assembles the modules as one on the foundation.
  • Then after a final inspection by your builder, you move in!

Building green is the method of using sustainable materials and design techniques in new NC modular homes construction. To assemble these types o homes, assembly takes place in an off-site indoor environment that is dedicated to reducing waste of materials both at the actual factory as well as the job site, and reduce the environmental impact on the land.

The answer is no. NC modular homes are constructed to the same state, county building codes. These types of structures should not be restricted by zoning or building regulations. Remember, your new modular home in NC undergoes an inspection at the factory during each individual phase of construction. Manufactured homes, or “mobile homes,” differ in that they are constructed to the Housing and Urban Development (IIUD) Code.

One of the most valuable benefits of selecting modular construction includes the exceptionally fast turnaround between groundbreaking and you moving into your new dream home. Typically, a home consisting of four modules can be completed from beginning to end in the factory in about one week.

modular homes asheville ncModular homes are similar in appearance to any other home. The design flexibility of allows your manufacturers to complete construction from the simplest, to the more complex designs in residential, commercial, and multifamily construction.

Yes. Majority of NC modular home companies allow you complete design flexibility and customization. Keep in mind, not all manufacturer are the same. Product specifications and engineering capabilities will most likely vary from company to company.

When it comes to financing or appraising, there is no difference between site-built and modular homes in NC. Lenders and banks view both types of construction the same.

Modular construction is more popular after natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes or other devastating natural occurrences. The strength of these structures combined with the ability to rebuild quickly and affordably make NC modular homes an excellent choice in terms of rebuilding.

For a list of experience modular manufacturers, you should begin by contacting our team at (828) 744-9034. All manufacturers recommended by our team are on the National Association of Home Builders’ Modular Building Systems Council. Your next step is to contact a manufacturer and actually begin the process towards your dream home. Majority of modular manufacturers sell their homes through local builders.