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modular home processHome Crafters of Western Carolina was designed around the idea that building a home should be both fun and easy. Although it is a big decision and a seemingly daunting process, it really boils down to 3 things…a home plan that you love, inside and out, a place to build it and a way to pay for it. Some clients have land, some do not. Some clients have cash or a pre-approval, others do not. Many clients have a general idea of what kind of home they want, others are unsure. The first step in our process is to help clients articulate their needs and wants and to address any concerns they may have about building a home.


For the clients that have land, but are unsure about what and if they can build on it, we offer a free site evaluation. Our team includes professionals that have years of experience looking at raw land, both on site and on paper, to make sure that nothing will impede the building process. We have graders, masons, water and septic pros as well as surveyors and real estate attorneys that will weigh in on the project up front as to avoid costly over runs once building commences. Everything is done at your pace and at your convenience.

If you don’t have land, we will set up a meeting at our Design Center with local land locators who will give you options on land available in your desired area and with in your desired budget. We also have contacts with land sellers who are not on the MLS and would prefer to sell the property with out an agent. Once the client identifies the properties they like, we will begin the free site evaluation.


For customers that would like a pre-approval from a bank, we have decades old relationships with local lenders specializing in new construction lending. They offer all of the same loan choices that are available for existing homes including VA, FHA, USDA, Conventional and Green Mortgages.

Once a client is comfortable with the budget, the land, the home, floor plan, colors and options, we agree on the price and go to contract. Once under contract, the home price will not change unless the client changes it by adding or deleting options. Surprises are great on birthdays, not so great when building a home.

After contract, financing is finalized, meaning the bank will issue an approval with no stipulations remaining, and then land is secured and the home is ordered. Land improvements, grading, well, septic and foundation will begin and by the time they are complete, your home will arrive. Depending on your requests, such as garages, finished second story, etc… you should be moving in 30–60 days later. No closings will be scheduled until we complete at least two formal walk throughs to make sure that you are receiving exactly what you had anticipated, we pass all local building inspections, and we receive a final appraisal from the bank, verifying that everything that was in the contract is in fact complete.

100% customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome and we want you to refer Home Crafters of Western Carolina to your family, friends and co-workers. Click here to view our outstanding warranty.